Product photo of abstract watercolor greeting card titled "Joy and Sorrow" with various blue, green, and red hues on a clean, white card. The card is laying on top of an envelope on a white background next to greenery.

"Joy and Sorrow"

This week's new card reveal wasn’t just another piece to add to the collection, nor was it a way to promote this business. It was much more personal than that.
While it may have a cheerful appearance and seem like it wouldn’t have much meaning and depth to it, this card was an expression of my heart after I heard the news of my grandfather's passing. Before I go any further, let’s clarify. This is my full-blooded Italian grandfather, so to say “Grandpa” is strange…his real name is Papu to me.

More than a card

This card actually was an expression of my heart after I heard the news of my grandfather's passing."

After I heard that Papu passed away, the only thing I could think to do was paint. I didn’t have much going on in my head. No plan. No palette. No story. I just had a brush in my hand. When I saw the final result, I was confused. Papu just passed and this is what I did?
Now, I’m no psychologist, but let me try to explain what I think happened. Overall, there is joy in this card. I mean, look at the color palette: pinks, light blues, splashes of yellow. My color choices confused me. But, as I reflected, I felt an indescribable feeling of joy & peace for my Papu.

Joy & Peace

Joy, knowing that Papu gave his life to Jesus. He has been welcomed into our Savior's arms!

 Peace, knowing that Papu was no longer in pain.
Take another look. Notice the deeper spots. Within the light blue streaks and pink swirls, you will see deep blue, almost black splotches and deep pink that is almost blacked out amidst the swirls. I believe this described my sorrow & sadness.

Sorrow & Sadness

Sorrow, knowing that Papu was no longer with the love of his life, Nana. He is no longer with my mom, his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends, he’s no longer here… with me.

Sadness, knowing that family gatherings will never look the same.

A Tribute

This card no longer has an aimless meaning. While I truly have joy and peace for what my Papu is currently experiencing, my family is still left without him. Until we see him again, we will continue to experience times of sorrow and sadness as we grieve the passing of such a great man. Yet we will always remember his life with great joy and celebration. This card is my tribute to you, dear Papu.

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