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Seven Ideas for Writing a Beautiful Wedding Card

Seven Prompts for the perfect Wedding card

It Started with a Move

I recently moved my studio to the main level of our Bungalow. In the midst of the move, I came across many cards from friends and family over the years. Naturally, I keep most cards that come my way that mean a lot to me. Truthfully, it isn’t hard to look through our home and find some form of card or note stashed in a random corner. I store these cards in multiple locations, so that when I need a boost of encouragement, I don’t have to look far.
To some, writing a card does not come naturally. To them, the more pre-printed words, the better! Other people love the idea of a fully blank card, and the more blank space, the better! They like to write the longest note possible…these people typically even have the back of the card plastered with words. This may sound like a nightmare to some!
No matter where you find yourself on the card writing pendulum, the intent of writing a card is to show your support. For an occasion such as a wedding, a card is an opportunity to encourage the couple long after their wedding. Christian and I will soon be celebrating our three year anniversary, and I still glean encouragement from our wedding cards!
That’s how much your cards mean to me! Whether someone wrote a silly note, or a serious note. I kept the cards because they wrote them. It was something they wanted to specifically tell Christian and I.

The Fear of a Blank Space

Now, I acknowledge there are people who simply just don’t know how to put their thoughts on paper and that is why the help of a “pre-printed” card is so attractive to them.
This is why I have created seven prompts for you to use for the next wedding you attend. I will stand behind keeping the inside of my greeting cards blank because I truly believe in the power of a hand-written note. However, I want to be a resource to you. The whole reason I started this business is to help and encourage you to encourage others! These seven prompts are a way of pursuing that mission.
I hope that you will find inspiration from these prompts, and if you find they are exactly what you want to say, USE THEM! You have my permission to use these words for the benefit of encouraging the ones you love. Scroll to the bottom to download a printable version of these prompts to refer back to whenever you are in a crunch!


1. For the "Waited For-EVER to be Together" Couple.

Your day is FINALLY here! We know you've waited SO long for this moment, may it be everything you've dreamed of and more!

2. For the Silly Couple.

It's about time! You finally did it, now go have fun and do it together... life that is!

3. For the Couple that Has Made an Impact on Your Life.

You both mean the world to me! It brings me so much joy to see you finally together. I truly don't know where I would be without the impact you both have made on my life. May the Lord bless your marriage. I pray for a marriage that reflects the love you both have for one another.

4. When You Don't Know the Other Person Well.

I am so glad that you have found the one whom your heart longs for! May you both have many prosperous years of marriage and a happily ever after!

5. For the Couple You are Cheering On. 

We are so excited for your marriage. May you always put your spouse above your needs! Marriage was created to show Christ's love for His Bride, the Church. May your marriage reflect just that. May this selfless act bring you both closer to one another and the Lord!

6. Short and Sweet.

We are so excited to celebrate this day with you both! May your marriage be blessed with many moments of joy and laughter! May each day create moments of gratitude to one another.

7. Sharing Wisdom.

"He will be the sure foundation of your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure."
Isaiah 33:6
May your lives be filled with the sure foundation and may your foundation be the ways of the LORD. Seek Him first, and He will carry you both through the inevitable trials of life.

What is your favorite prompt? Which one are you most likely to use? I love to hear your feedback and plan on creating more resources like this for you!

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